Vita Energia Solutions

Industrial and commercial lighting

Based in the UK and Poland Vita Energia Solutions business offers industrial lighting and commercial lighting. We provide new and retrofit solutions. The largest part of our business is LED lighting upgrades. We do lighting surveys. We design and manufacture our own products using the most efficient systems of leading suppliers such as   

We supply the highest quality most efficient lighting solutions available. We deliver super effective lighting environments, reliable long life at exceptionally competitive price for the best payback. Mostly it is now market leading efficient LED lighting.

We provide lighting upgrade to existing large commercial and industrial sites as well as new install and product supply. We have huge experience installing on industrial sites of all sizes.

Our customers have so far saved 157,728,878.3kWh of electricity, 70,504.8tonnes CO2 equiv since our inception.

Our customers are currently saving at a rate of 18,900,000kWh electricity and 10,300tonnes CO2 equiv per year.

Our Customers

Unobtrusive installation

Sensitive to production priorities

Sensitive to production priorities

Safety of everyone paramount

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