Tarkett Marley Flooring lighting efficiency project forecasts saving 65% energy

Tarkett Marley Flooring lighting efficiency project forecasts saving 65% energy

Founded in 1886 Tarkett is a worldwide leader in the flooring industry. Tarkett works with many of the world’s leading architects and building professionals to provide a genuine service. Tarkett’s integrated flooring and sports surfaces solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural references.

The main production facility in the UK is near Maidstone in Kent. The infrastructure of the building is quite old and as part of an investment programme to update the facility the lighting was seen as having the potential for both energy saving and improvement in light quality. Tarkett was keen to achieve maximum energy savings with the imperative of best payback and low cost. The facility includes goods in and out storage areas, workshops and a main production hall.

Vita Energia Solutions was chosen as the supplier for our experience upgrading in this type of older facility, for our attention to designing to achieve maximum savings and payback from the upgrade, our product range and our full service capability. We take time to understand the existing dynamics of a facility to look for the optimum application of automated or manual lighting switching, as well as modelling light fitting selection options against existing light circuit design. Each operational area and light fitting type is considered separately.

Upgrade of the lighting at Tarkett was achieved in two phases:

Phase 1: Finished Goods warehouse. Tarkett Marley Flooring lighting efficiency project forecasts saving 65% energy

The finished goods warehouse is a typical aisled facility. Existing lighting was 400W LoBay Son fittings, all left on for all shifts. The VESL solution was to reduce by half the number of fittings to minimise capital cost, use our very efficient QUAD 480 unit and with presence detectors. This phase is expected to be delivering a 64% energy, and 54 tonnes per year CO2 saving and with a payback of 21 months. VESL also installed a separate system of emergency lights installed on the existing lighting circuits.

Phase 2: This second phase covered all the rest of the goods in storage, processing, production line and workshops.

This part of the project is expected to be delivering a 66% and 64 tonne per year saving with a 21 month payback. Many VESL products were used in this phase, tailoring upgrade solutions by light fitting type and area. The products used included our very efficient and low cost ReTRO range where we essentially re-buildimg the existing fitting with new wiring, tube holders, tubes, electronic ballasts and our very high specification reflectors. We also installed new fittings as appropriate such as replacing a variety of fittings in the production hall with a consistent QUAD LP 435 and with SP150 249 in the raw materials store. Selectively combined presence and daylight sensors were used so the artificial lighting is only switched in when daylight through ceiling lanterns is insufficient and when people are present. Inspection areas were upgraded to ensure very high light levels and with very high colour rendering tubes. A further aspect of the 2nd phase was to install 2 new conduit / cable circuits such that lighting could be better switched from a more central location and designed to allow the site to select light levels required to match production or maintenance requirements.

Tarkett Marley Flooring lighting efficiency project forecasts saving 65% energy.

The work for both these phases was carried out without disruption to the operation of the facility. Upgrade work was planned working around production requirements and as necessary included some evening and weekend working. Terry Guy, Engineering Manager, says, Vita Energia Solutions provided an excellent service and with their highly efficient products delivered an exemplary energy saving project. We were very satisfied with their whole customer orientated approach, technical capability, product range and very smooth execution.