RPC M&H Plastics lighting energy saving project with 76% energy and 990 tonnes CO2 saved.

RPC M&H Plastics lighting energy saving project with 76% energy and 990 tonnes CO2 saved.

RPC M&H Plastics, has two sites near Beccles / Lowestoft, East Anglia. The site on London Road has over 30 very similarly constructed buildings: production halls running 24/7 and warehousing to 6 m high, stores and associated production offices.

The lighting was a mixture of mainly metal halide, sodium and T8 fluorescent fittings. The site had been engaged in an aggressive programme of improving efficiency in all aspects of its business and part of that has been a project for a step reduction in energy consumption. The site had sought lighting upgrade proposals from other companies over a numbers of years.

We were chosen for our experience and expertise and specifically our ability to get the highest energy savings, using latest and most efficient LED components from, almost completely at this site Philips lighting, and at a highly competitive price. We are also very well known to RPC having now upgraded many of their large production facilities around the UK.

In 4 phases, the last being completed in February 2018, 1500 lights were upgraded across the whole range of buildings with new fittings and our retrofit products. For consistency of appearance and maintenance sparing and cost efficiency in procurement the upgrades were based on two of our very popular and successful products: The HiPW platform of product and retrofit products.

We used Philips Lighting components, which are of the highest industry quality, reliability, efficiency.

The HiPW is a base product unit where we can specify light output varying from around 6000lm to 24000lm using increasing combinations of the same LED products. The approach makes the range hugely flexible which still achieving highest efficiencies of the order 170 lm/Watt system efficacy. Nearly all production and storage areas were upgraded with this platform product.

The ReTRO fit product as used to upgrade T8 batten fittings in stores, where they were integral with conduiting in the ceiling, and some task lighting for the simplicity and economic benefit of the upgrade. With this product we re-build the unit with all new internal wiring and LED driver and robust, maintainable LED strips, so the technical lighting components of the product are as-new.

The process of upgrade in this 24 /7 production facility went exceptionally smoothly with close co-ordination between our very experienced staff lighting upgrade installers and the site maintenance and production teams.