Funding Your Project

There are several opportunities for funding your project. It is self-funding with the generated savings. However, if you wish to spread the capital investment over some years, then here is a list of alternatives that Vita Energia can work with you.

1. Enhanced Capital Allowances. Your project meets the requirements for accelerated Funding Energy Saving depreciation that reduces your tax.

2. Loan based on energy savings. Vita Energia can facilitate a loan with one of our financing Funding Energy Saving partners: Green Investment Bank

3. Leasing from Clear Asset Finance who offer an operational lease; not impacting your capital budget.

4. Performance based financing from Crowley Carbon. Your energy savings are monitored and you receive a high portion of the savings. The project requires zero investment from you and has the added benefit of remote monitoring to provide alerts.

5. Carbon Trust Accredited for facilitating grants and loans. Accredited as a supplier of energy saving lighting by the Carbon Trust for facilitating grants and loans provided through the Carbon Trust.